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World Records & Work Wreckers
Season 1, Episode 10
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Deejays & Demos Songwriting & Starfish

History Edit

Ally's crush on Dallas grows stronger. She often doesn't know what she is saying when she is around him, which causes her to accidentally tell him she'll mow his lawn for him. Later, when Dallas tells her he hates his job. Ally says "You should work here (Sonic Boom)". Dallas misinterprets this and thinks it means he is hired at Sonic Boom. Dallas turns out to be a terrible employee and Ally realizes she has to fire him for 3 reasons:

  1. He is a terrible employee.
  2. Her dad tells her they can't afford a new employee. Trish helps Ally find a way to fire him.
  3. He can't go back to the job he quit because Trish already got hired.

In the end, Dallas ends up quitting, and she does not have to fire her crush, even though Trish makes a big show out of doing so.

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