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In this episode, Jimmy asks for her to sell her song, I'm Finally Me, to Kira. She refuses and is sad that she didn't receive a record deal; thankfully, Austin and Trish cheer her up. When they visit Jimmy's new recording studio the next day, she is the last to play with the studio; Austin and Trish had played with it before her. She, Austin and Dezgo to the yoga studio in an attempt to get Kira to sing her song, Elevator Doors, again so they can attach that singing to the music. When that doesn't work and Austin is dropped from the label, she is willing to sell her song to Kira so that Austin can get signed again. Kira has a change of heart and says that only Ally could sing the song; she then gets to sing I'm Finally Me at Kira's gig. Afterwards, Jimmy offers Ally a record deal as well as re-signing Austin.

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