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These are the Songs of Ally Dawson:

Songs written by Ally Dawson Edit

  • Double Take
  • Break Down The Walls
  • A Billion Hits
  • Not A Love Song
  • It's Me, It's You
  • Better Together
  • The Me That You Don't See
  • Heard It On The Radio
  • Suzy Soups Jingle (Not all the song)
  • Heart Beat
  • Na na na
  • The Way That You Do
  • Ally's Goodbye Song
  • Illusion
  • Don't Look Down
  • Who I Am
  • Got It 2
  • Christmas Soul
  • Face To Face
  • Can You Feel It
  • Ordinary Day
  • You Can Come To Me
  • I Think About You
  • Finally Me
  • The Ally Way
  • Timeless (possibly. Austin might wrote it)
  • Living in The Moment
  • I Got That Rock' en Roll
  • Better Than This
  • Redial
  • I love Christmas
  • Parachute
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