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Ally plays Clarinet Golf with Austin- signaling that she has changed from her Season 1 attitude, where she would scold Austin for playing such a game- and gets a horn-in-one. She is asked out on a date by Austin, and she accepts. It is revealed in this episode that Ally has a middle name. Trish asks her to write a new song for Butch & Bitey. Ally is awkward around Austin on their first date, and near the end of it, she gets jammed bread on her face! She talks to Trish about how it was awkward, and begins to have doubts about being in a relationship with Austin. She blows them off when in a song-writing session with Austin, claiming that they've never been awkward when it comes to their music. She is easily proven wrong; she is too afraid to hurt Austin's feelings, and so agrees to compromise a song instead of pleading to write an emotional, serious ballad like she wanted to. Later on, she and Austin both realize that the song is the worst song they have ever written! She is there when the director of Butch & Bitey gets goo splattered all over him. She and Austin, at the end of the episode, both agree that they are not meant to be a couple just yet. The two hug, and she asks him not to let go just yet.

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