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Costumes & Courage
Season 2, Episode 1
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History Edit

In this episode, Ally is Galexis Nova for Halloween (first she was Florence Nightingale). Austin and Ally write a song called Don't Look Down for Austin to perform at a Halloween party. Ally goes to lunch with Jimmy, where they discuss that Austin will perform the song at the Halloween party with Taylor Swift. She tries to impress a guy named Ethan, whom she saw at the costume store and the Halloween party Ally and her friends go to. Ally pretends to 'borrow' Jimmy's phone to delete a mean text message that Austin sent to him by accident. Ally and Taylor wear the same costume at the party. When Trish and Dez accidentally knock out Taylor, Ally pretends to be Taylor and performs the duet with Austin, without her stage fright getting to her. Dez suggests that Austin and Ally sing together from now on since Ally didn't have stage fright, but Ally doesn't know if she can, for she thought she could only do it because she was pretending to be someone else.

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