Ally returns back home to Miami with Austin for the last concert of her tour. Austin and Ally reunite with Trish, who was away managing a new boy band named Boynado, and Dez, who was away at film school. But the four's time together is unfortunately short with Ally set to go on a European tour, Trish going back with Boynado, and Dez going back to film school. Ally confesses to Trish and Dez that she's really going to miss Team Austin. Trish confesses that she'd rather stay with her friends than be with Boynado, who fight all the time, and Dez reveals that Carrie broke up with him and film school is boring so he doesn't have much reason to stay there. The three then all agree to stay in Miami for their senior year together. But, to their surprise, Austin had already left to apply to military school. The three then go after him to stop him.


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