Alliot (A/lly and E/lliot) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Elliot and Ally Dawson. The pair met at a camp when they were younger and have a lot in common. In Campers & Complications, it is revealed that Elliot was Ally's first crush.Elliot comes to visit Ally in Campers & Complications.

Alliot MomentsEdit

  • Both are happy when they see each other.
  • Ally runs to Elliot and hugs him.
  • Ally tells Elliot he looks amazing (ah-mazing) and Elliot replies that Ally looks gorgeous (guh-orgeous). 
  • Ally giggled when Elliot said she looked gorgeous (guh-orgeous).
  • Ally thought he wants her to be his girlfriend.
  • They spend a lot of time together.
  • Elliot and Ally basket-weave again for "old time sake".
  • Ally said they were "Arts and Crafts Rebels". 
  • Elliot asked Ally to help him build a toothpick house for his turtle.
  • When Ally asked him why he cared so much, he replied that he didn't know why and stopped being competitive.
  • Austin was jealous of their relationship.
  • Ally said that Elliot was cute.
  • They agreed just to be friends.
  • They hug after Ally says she and Elliot will always only have camp.
  • They agree that talking about camp gets boring after a while.

Similaties & TriviaEdit

  • They went to Camp-Craft-A-Monga together.
  • They both enjoy spending time together.
  • They spend a lot of time together.
  • They both like basket weaving.
  • The only thing they have in common is camp.
  • They were both "arts and crafts rebels".
  • They used to like each other when they went to camp but now they are just friends.
  • They both have brown hair.
  • They both agreed to just stay as friends.
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