Allan (All/y and Eth/an) is the romantic pairing of Ally Dawson andEthan.Trish told Ally to introduce herself to Ethan because she thought he was the perfect guy for her.

Allan MomentsEdit

  • Trish tells Ally that Ethan is the perfect guy for her.
  • Ethan compliments Ally on her Florence Nightingale costume.
  • Ethan tells Ally it was nice meeting her.
  • After talking to Ethan Ally tells Trish she wants to be more confident in herself.
  • Later when Ally is dressed up as Galaxus Nova, she gives her hand for Ethan to hold in a flirty manner.
  • Ally flirts with Ethan by giving him facts about his costume.
  • Ethan calls Ally cute and smart.
  • Ethan asks Ally for her phone number.
  • Ally cheers and says yes but then she forgets to give him her number.
  • Ethan seems confused and sad that Ally didn't give him her number.
  • Ally seems suprised when she dosen't give him her number.


  • They both knew who Charles Lindbergh and Florence Nightingale were.
  • They both have brown hair
  • They both are smart.


  • Ethan is a boy and Ally is a girl.
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